Re-ordering signatures

As you add more email signatures, new signature tiles appear on the Home page. The order that these appear is important as it reflects the sequence in which the signatures will be applied.

When an email is processed by one of Exclaimer's Azure servers, each signature is checked to see if it applies to the sender of the message. If a match is found, that email signature is applied, processing stops and the message is delivered. So, if there are multiple email signatures that could be applied to the sender, the first one found will be used.

The Re-order option (available from the menu bar at the top of the Home page) is used to view the existing sequence of email signatures and to make adjustments if required:

Re-order Office 365 signatures.

Using the re-order option

Select the Re-order option from the menu. Every signature tile is displayed with a sequence number in the top-right hand corner:

The re-order signatures window.

To update this sequence, click on any tile and drag it to a new position (drag and drop). As you move one to a different position, a space is made and all tiles shift over from that point:

Update Office 365 signature sequence.

When the signature tile has been placed in the desired position, release the mouse to drop the tile. When you are finished, just click OK to confirm.

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