Social media strip

If you're not promoting your social nature through your email signatures, you are missing out on a great opportunity to get loads of new fans for free and introduce your customers to your Twitter feed, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, Google+ account and RSS feeds.

By having social media links on all email signatures, you're offering your target market another avenue to continue your business relationship outside of traditional communication channels.

The Social Media Strip element is used to add social media channels (icons and associated links) to an email signature:

Signature elements - social media strip.

This element includes general options at the top, followed by settings for individual social media channels.

A standard set of social media icons is used across all signature templates. You can easily change the color of these icons using options detailed above.

However, if you need alternative icons, we can create a custom email signature for you. Simply click on the option provided beneath the options pane (shown below) to brief our design team. Please be aware that this is a chargeable service.

Exclaimer email signature design service.

General options

At the start of the Social Media Strip element, you should use the top-level Visible option to indicate that you wish to include some or all social media content in your signature. Next, you can set your preferred color for the social media icons:

Make the social media strip visible.

The suggested color is the dominant color detected from the existing logo (for further information about your logo palette, please see General fonts & colors). To change the default setting, just click the existing color and make an alternative selection.

Note: If you wish to include some social media channels but not others, you must select the top-level visibility option. If this option is not selected, no fields in this block will be displayed in the signature.

Adding social media channels

The Social Media Strip element includes a wide range of social media channels.

To include a channel in your email signature, ensure that the associated Visible option is selected (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram etc.), then enter the required Web address (, etc.) and ALT Text, which is used if the associated icon cannot be displayed or a screen reader is in use.

Social media channel options.

Social Media Strip placement

Icons for selected social media channels are presented as a 'strip'. The position of this strip is predefined within the associated template like the below example:

Office 365 signature with social media icons.

The default position cannot be changed. If it is not suitable, you can create a new signature based on a different template.

The Social Media Strip element is available in all templates, although some will have this set to not be visible as the default. When you 'switch on' the Social Media Strip element, by selecting the top-level Visible option, the signature preview will show where the social media icons will be displayed.

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