Environmental responsibility

The Environmental Responsibility element is used to add a short environmental message to your signature:

Signature elements - environmental responsibility.

Here, you can choose whether or not an environmental message should be visible within the email signature. If you wish to have one, you can select what the color should be and what text should be included.

Changing the environmental responsibility message color

The suggested color will be the dominant color detected from the existing logo (for further information about your logo palette, please see General fonts & colors). To change the default setting, just click the existing color and make an alternative selection.

Changing the environmental responsibility message text

A standard message is included by default, but you can change this if required. All you have to do is click in the Text field and adjust as needed:

Insert an environmental message in Office 365 signature.

When you click out of this field, the signature preview will be updated.

Environmental responsibility message placement

If you choose to make the Environmental Responsibility message visible, it is always placed at the end of the signature. It will appear after any banner image and before legal disclaimer content if applicable.

Environmental responsibility message in Office 365 signature.

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