Company details

The Company Details element is used to define the company information that is displayed in the email signature.

Add your company details to an Office 365 signature.

If this element is set to Visible, using a tick box, any information that is entered here is used to populate company details fields defined in the email signature template. You can see where these are from in the signature preview in the right-hand pane.

Update company details

To update Company Details settings, simply click in a field, enter or select the required details and then click out of the field to update the signature preview.

Depending on the signature template you choose, the available elements and options within them will vary. For example, some templates include a personal block and a contact block, whereas others might only include one or the other.

At the same time, some email signatures might only have basic options within the company details element, while others have additional options like the ability to add a Google/Bing map link or dual addresses.

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