Signature templates

When you create an email signature, you start by choosing a template and then customize it to meet your particular needs:

Available templates in Signatures for Office 365.

Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for Office 365 includes a wide range of professionally designed signature templates with different layouts, content and themes. These templates are organized into categories, which you can browse as part of the email signature creation process.

When you select a template, you are choosing how you want your email signature to look. From there, you can edit signature elements to customize the template such as:

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a template for your signature, as summarized in the following sections:

  • The selected template is fixed.
  • The template layout is fixed.
  • Elements can be hidden but not added.

The selected template is fixed

Having created a signature and chosen a template, the template is fixed. It is not possible to switch templates after a new email signature has been saved.

If you create a signature but decide you don't like the layout, you can create a new email signature with another template (you might want to disable or delete the redundant email signature).

The template layout is fixed

Using signature elements, you have the flexibility to customize most aspects of your email signature. The only aspect that is fixed and cannot be changed is the general layout, so it's important you choose the correct template.

For example, if you choose a signature template that has a single column layout, you cannot change it so it has two columns - you would need to create a new signature and choose a template that has a two-column layout.

If you like the layout of a template but think it contains elements that you don't need, elements can be customized and even hidden. It's always better to choose a signature template that has more than you need!

Elements can be hidden but not added

A signature template includes different elements such as:

Different templates incorporate different elements. For example some have a logo and some don't.

You can customize existing elements within a signature template and you can also choose to make an existing element invisible. However, generally speaking, you cannot add new elements.

So, if you are creating a new signature and you are sure that you don't want to include a logo, choose a template that doesn't have a logo placeholder. On the other hand, if you think you want a text-only email signature but you're not sure, it's better to choose a template that does have a logo, so you can hide it if needed.

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