Email signature elements overview

When you are creating and editing your company's new email signature, your users will need the following:

  • Company logo.
  • Company details i.e. address.
  • Personal details i.e. name, job title, phone number, email address etc.

Beyond that, you can include a standard legal disclaimer, which you should anyway, and even some environmental text, e.g. Please think of the environment when printing this email. The design of the email signature could include:

  • Another image like an award logo.
  • A promotional banner for a marketing/sales campaign.
  • Social media icons.

Finally, you will want the signature to use your corporate fonts and colors.

When you are creating or changing an email signature in the Signatures for Office 365's user interface (UI), you will work within a window where all signature elements can be accessed via an options pane on the left-hand side of the screen. As you make changes, the signature will update in real time on the preview screen on the right.

All options for creating and editing an Office 365 signature.

The options that appear on the left will depend on the signature template that you choose to work with. Common elements and associated options are summarized in the topics below:

Working with the signature options pane

The options pane is an 'accordion' style pane, where options for each element of the email signature can be accessed by expanding the relevant section. If you click on an option title, the section will expand like below:

Expand or collapse option menu.

If you select another element, the previous section collapses and the new selection expands. Alternatively, if an element is currently expanded, you can click on the title again to collapse it.

Making changes to signatures

If you change an email signature option, simply click outside of the field to apply the change and update the signature preview. This occurs in real time.

The signature preview

As you update an email signature, the changes are reflected in the signature preview pane on the right. When you change an option and click outside of that field, the preview will show the email signature with the new setting.

You also have the ability to select the view with non-background option to show the email signature with a grey, textured background instead of the default white.

Show your Office 365 signature with a non-white background.

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