Are you running a special offer? Will you be attending an upcoming event or tradeshow? Have you recently won an award? Whatever your aims, the email signature channel can be instrumental in achieving them.

Including promotional banners in email signatures ensures that your organization's most important contacts stay in the know and your marketing activities get a valued boost.

The Banner element allows you to add a promotional banner image and associate it with a web address, so recipients can click the image to access further information:

Marketing banner example in Office 365 signature.

Banner placement

If a banner is added, it is always placed after your email signature, but before any environmental responsibility and legal disclaimer content if applicable:

Select banner image.

Banner images commonly have a longer length than width and usually appear at the end of an email message rather than in the body of signature content. However, if you prefer to add a smaller image and an associated web link within the body of your signature, you can do so by choosing a template that includes the Awards element.

Image file requirements

Standard image file requirements apply for all Banner images.

Change the banner

To add or change the banner for an email signature, use the following steps:

  1. Click the Select files button:

    Select banner image.

  2. Navigate drives and folders to find and select the required image file:

    Upload banner file.

  3. Click Open to confirm your selection and update the signature preview.
  4. You now want to associate a URL with your banner. Move to the Web Address field and enter the required address:

    Add web address to banner.

  5. Next, move to the Alternate text field and enter any text that will be used if the image cannot be displayed or a recipient is using a screen reader:

    Change ALT Text for banner image.

  6. Click out of the field to update the signature preview.

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