Contact block

The Contact Block element is used to define additional contact information to be used in the email signature. Typically, though not always, this element will be included in the more corporate style signature templates:

Signature elements - contact block.

Here, use the top-level Visible option to indicate what Contact Block content is to appear in your email signature and whether the information should be displayed in tabular format or line format. The difference between tabular and non-tabular content is largely spacing between field labels and field content.

With tabular content, there is more space, as content is presented in columns: 

Tabular signature content. Non-tabular signature content

If you only wish to include certain parts of the Contact Block, you can select/de-select the Visible option for individual fields within the block. For example, you might wish to include Telephone information but not Fax details:

Contact block visibility options.

Note: If you wish to include some Contact Block fields but not others, you must select the top-level visibility option. If this option is not selected, no fields in this block will be displayed in the email signature.

Changing settings for contact block details

Contact Block settings are defined with data fields, which means that these details are automatically populated using your organization's Office 365 data (or an aggregation of Office 365 and Active Directory data, if applicable).

It is unlikely that the content of data fields will need to be changed, but amendments can be made if necessary. You may wish to change the text Label that is associated with a data field.

To do this:

  • Click in a field.
  • Enter required details.
  • Click out of the field to update the signature preview.

The available elements and options can vary from one email signature to another. This is dependent on the signature template that you choose. For example, some templates include a personal block and a contact block, while others might only have one or the other. Similarly, some signatures might have basic options under the Personal Block element, while others may have more.

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